Canberra, ACT

Second stop on our adventure was The Nation’s Capital, Canberra. We stayed at the Alivio Caravan Park in O’Connor which is the closest caravan park to Canberra’s city Centre.
A (1).JPG
The park is huge with all van sites being drive through and has so many things for the kids to do including, a heated spa, pool, tennis courts, basketball courts, table tennis, bike tracks plus a gorgeous herb garden which we added to most of our meals. We even swam in the middle of Winter!!
We had a drive through powered site right next to the camp kitchen and anyone that knows me, knows I need lots of space to minimise the chance of ruining meals!!
We cooked in the camp kitchen for breakfast and dinner every night which was super easy and allowed for lots of variety plus allowed us to get out of the van for meals, which anyone that has one knows, can be a mission at meal time.


There is a great large family bathroom next to the amenities block which allowed me to shower the kids each night with plenty of room. It’s the small things in a caravan park that make life a lot easier!
                                                    D (2).JPG
There are so many things to see and do in Canberra and we really could have done with another day or so. We planned out our days to ensure we saw as much as possible whilst still having plenty of time to enjoy each one! Here is a list of our favourites/must see and do’s below:
National Zoo & Aquarium
Entry; Child 4 – 15yrs $25/Adult  $45 (check website for various prices)
Parking; free.
This was by far our favourite thing this stop. The National Zoo is huge and took us approx 4 hrs to get around. I loved the giraffes and there is an opportunity to feed them personally for $10. Chris liked the sheer size of the rhinos and when I asked Chloe and Cooper what their favourites were, the list is 10 long.
The aquarium attached is great for the kids as well although no matter how many times I see snakes I still get shivers down my spine.


The whole day was so fun and educational for the kids and a must see when visiting Canberra.
Australia War Memorial 
Entry; gold coin donation
Parking; free.
The War memorial is so jampacked full of education, post war equipment and weaponry. There are videos, short movies, opportunities to try on Naval uniforms & kids can actually fly a helicopter. There’s an art & craft section for the kids, an interactive periscope in a submarine and so much more.


The advances in weaponary over the years; from tin or wood boats to what is available today is mind blowing. Every time we turned a corner we were blown away.

We seriously could have spent a whole day here easily.
Cockington Green Gardens
Entry is ADULT $19.50 & CHILD* (4−16 YRS) $11.50 (check website for various prices)
Parking is free
What a cute display of gorgeous villages! The amount of hours that go into the upkeep of the gardens had Chris in awe. We moved to the steam train and had ride around the park twice, the kids loved it!
This is a must do on your Canberra stop and well worth the price of admission.


Entry; ADULT $23, CHILDREN $17.50 & Children under 4 FREE
Parking; $2.90 an hour Monday-Friday & free Saturday & Sunday
We were really looking forward to Questacon however found it was more appropriate for older aged kids. Don’t get me wrong, our kids enjoyed touching everything and looking around however the shows & most scientific stations were way to advanced for 3 & 4 yr olds. Chris had a turn at the big drop/slide and loved it.
IMG_6513.JPG IMG_6519.JPG IMG_6581.JPG            IMG_6536.JPG IMG_6531.JPG IMG_6574.JPG
They also had a section for 0-6 year olds and our kids were in their element! You receive a ticket when you arrived which allowed kids to play for 25 mins maximum. Due to our kids ages we limited to the amount of things we could do but found the event enjoyable.
              IMG_6559.JPG IMG_6526.JPG
Parliament House
Entry; free
Parking; free for 0-3hrs
The ‘bosses’ house as we explained it to our kids was great. Chris and I enjoy politics and explaining it to our kids was fun. We sat in the house of the senate and talked all things important like why mummy and daddy have to work 5 days a week and not 2 with a 5 day weekend!
           UDAN8763.JPG z (1).JPG
           IMG_6156.JPG IMG_6144.JPG
The grounds are elaborate and beautiful and we had a great day.
     IMG_6149.JPG IMG_6163.JPG
Royal Australian Mint
Entry; free
Parking; free
Who doesn’t love seeing gold coins splash around?! The mint was both educational enjoyable and I thoroughly enjoyed our morning.
There is a activities corner for kids, opportunities to make your own coins & see Titan, a machine strong enough to pick up a barrel of $1 coins but also wave to kids when it’s on a break!
This is just a small list of what’s available in Canberra with a lot of these amazing exhibits / places being free of charge which is great for anyone travelling on a budget.

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