Eden Beachfront Holiday Park, NSW

Peaceful, scenic and beautiful are 3 words that instantly spring to mind when I think of Eden. A little hidden gem that before this trip, neither Chris nor I had ever visited.

Eden Beachfront holiday park is exactly that; beachfront. We had, what I feel was the best site in the caravan park. We had the creek to one side of our site and the beach on the other. We woke to the serene sound of waves crashing and front row to the gorgeous sunrise.

We ate breakfast, lunch and dinner on the beachfront and with Chloe and Cooper finding such enjoyment playing in the sun and sand, Chris and I have never been so relaxed throughout the day.

Eden Beachfront has everything you need for a relaxing holiday. A huge jumping pillow, massive outdoor play area and a great creek that Chris and the kids found themselves at daily throwing in a line trying to jag one of the infamous 1 metre long flatheads that are believed to be living in the creek.

The camp kitchen is new to this park and one that when Chloe walked into asked ‘do we get served in here?’. It’s massive, fully equipped and makes life easy when camping. It’s heated, has a pizza oven at the front door, a projector and a wall mounted TV and cute twinkle lights to set a perfect backdrop for dinner. To say this is the best camp kitchen we have seen to date, would not be a lie.

Chloe loves to walk around parks looking at flowers and plants and was so excited to find an orange and lemon tree which we picked from daily. She also found a capsicum and chilli plant which we were lucky enough to add to our dinner.

This park has by far had the best scenery we’ve woken up too and we can’t recommend it highly enough. We will definitely be visiting again so be sure to do yourselves a favour and check it out for yourself.

Things to see and do in Eden..


Eden’s Killer Whale Museum

      OPENING HOURS; M-S: 9:15am – 3:45pm + Sun: 11:15am – 3:45pm
      ADMISSION; Adults: $10.00, Children (5-15 YEARS): $2.50


Walking through Eden’s Killer Whale Museum, we discovered the most incredible human and killer whale partnership that has ever been witnessed on the planet. We learned that killer whales actually assisted early Aboriginal people and some of the first whalers in hunting other whales, something that we thought was beyond possible.

The museum was interesting and educational for both the kids and I. We were given a private tour of the lighthouse where we had a 360° view of Eden. It’s beautiful, calm and felt like home.

Parks and play areas

Eden has such well manicured parks and gardens, it’s no wonder that kids are instantly attracted to them. We spent hours playing at the different parks and loving every second in the warm sun and beautiful day temperatures.

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