Big 4 Whiters Holiday Village, Lakes Entrance VIC

Our first stop in Victoria was the gorgeous little town of Lakes Entrance. We stayed at the Big 4 Whiters Holiday Village and wasn’t it a amazing.

We wondered what the history was behind the name Big 4 Whiters and soon after arriving we found a cute little board explaining it all which was very interesting.


Our site was one of two ensuite powered sites at the front of the park. The ensuite was amazing; large and spacious, something that our caravan ensuite isn’t, as you could imagine! Showering has never been so enjoyable and with that little extra space I was afforded the luxury of leaving my toiletries inside!! It certainly made life easier!

Our large site was right by the games rooms, tv room and pool area. Our kids were in heaven as they could dash off into the warm rooms while we were busy relaxing.

We spent countless hours at the outdoor play area and/or basketball court. The office hires out balls and if you were like us and don’t have room to take 10 different types of balls away with you, this is a service that really makes your time at the park much easier!

From the second we pulled up at Whiters Big 4, Coop had his eye on the peddle powered carts. He spent hours talking about them and when we took them out, it was the best hour of his trip to date!!

Things to see and do in Lakes Entrance:

Putt putt

There are a number of Putt Putt courses in Lakes Entrance. We chose to head over for 18 holes at Footbridge Lolly and Ice Cream shop and the kids have never been so animated in their life! They loved the different ways their golf ball traveled along each obstacle and were so excited to run to the next.

We have enjoyed a number of Putt Putt courses together and this was by far the most entertaining for the family. We then finished on the 19th hole with a prize and walk through the lolly shop. It was a real trip down memory lane for us with all of the old school lollies and chocolates they sold.

Footbridge walk:

The footbridge is just off the esplanade and is an easy walk across to the dunes and the ninety mile beach. We ventured across however due to inclement weather turned back early. It would be and awesome walk through the bush land.  The footbridge is open 24 hrs and well lit at night.

Lakes Entrance Aquadome:

As a guest of Whiters Big 4 we were able to head to the Aquadome for a gym session and/or swim for free. You could imagine the kids excitement being able to swim in the middle of winter!

The aqua dome hosted 5 indoor pools of beautiful temperatures, a sauna, spa and a large gym with both free weights and a variety of cardio machines. The kids played in the pool while Chris and I took turns at a gym session to try and exercise some of the cheese and wine away.

Just like Eden, Lakes Entrance was another hidden gem and a true piece of paradise we highly recommend you visit in your travels.

Next stop, the nations shopping capital…..Melbourne.

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