Big 4 Melbourne, VIC

Not only is Big 4 Melbourne the closest to the City of Melbourne, it also has hours and hours of entertainment for the kids, with an outdoor playground, an indoor playground and games room, a pool, a tv room and an indoor gym.

This Big 4 is at the end of the tram line #11 line (1.3km easy walk) which makes it super easy to get to the city without having to take your car. Our kids loved the excitement of travelling on a tram too!

We have never seen an indoor heated play area as exuberant as this one at the Big 4! It’s bigger than McDonald’s and provides hours of entertainment in the warmth and comfort of indoors. On the warmer days we checked out their outdoor play area which was directly across from our caravan site…..WINNING!

Although we didn’t get to use the pool, we would love to see it in summer. It’s luxurious, beautiful and spacious.

Those that love to keep fit will know the struggle of finding a gym and time to work out while caravanning, however, Chris and I were able to use our very own gym onsite at the Melbourne Big 4. We loved that we could duck off while the kids watched tv and have 20 mins to ourselves to work out. It has around 10 machines, perfect for a quick workout all over body workout without having to leave the park.


The facilities in this park are quite modern and new. The amenities are right in the middle of the park which hosts a huge new camp kitchen, laundry, en-suites and even a family bathroom with a full sized bath in it. This allows for extra luxury and privacy that you don’t often find at caravan parks.

We won’t go into what’s to do in Melbourne as you could spend months here and never conquer it all. We spent a lot of time in the city seeing the sights and because travelling is so easy via free city trams, life was great!

We did however visit the Melbourne Zoo as our love for different animals are growing and you can never educate your kids enough on the beauties of the world. Melbourne Zoo hosts gorillas which you don’t see often and an up close and personal experience of zebras and giraffes. This zoo is well laid out with a huge amount of animals and is definitely worth a visit!

Melbourne Zoo                                                                                             Entry; Adult $37, children $19 (see website for specials inc free on w/e)                               Tram; No #58 There is a tram stop right out the back of the Zoo.

Melbourne will always have a special place in our hearts because of our time on The Block….maybe even more so because I love the shopping here! This visit was nothing but fun and good times as we envisaged it would be. Melbourne is a must do if you are planning a trip through Victoria.

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