Barwon River Holiday Park, VIC

To go on this amazing adventure and not visit Geelong, which our great mates from the Block Ben and Andy had told us about so often, would have been an injustice to ourselves so we were super excited when we arrived at Barwon River Holiday Park. Upon arrival we were welcomed by staff with coffee vouchers, wifi vouchers, go-kart vouchers, PJ masks and My little Pony colouring books for the kids + pencils!! We instantly appreciated the parks generosity and friendliness.


Our liking for this park continued to grow when we drove to our large drive through powered en-suite site.

Driving into the park we passed a large jumping pillow, 3 x outdoor play areas, life sized dinosaur figures, a camp kitchen, 2 x pools with an attached BBQ area & a full sized basketball court.

The park offers carts for hire which we used and found it to be a great way to view the entire park, that was of course when the kids let us have a turn at driving.

Barwon River Holiday park is located extremely close to the heart of Geelong. We ventured into Geelong every day and found the city very similar to Newcastle; beautiful and scenic.

For those that watched Channel 9’s The Block would love these two larakins as much as we do. Our experience was so special because we met two crazy boys that we think so highly of! Ben and Andy are from this beautiful part of our country and they were the main reason we wanted to visit Geelong. Although we don’t see them as often as we would like, each time is just like we left off and cant wait until the next time!

AND…..of course anyone that knows me would know I am a TOTAL Kmart addict. Barwon River Holiday Park was only 200-300 metres away from not only a Kmart but a 24hr Kmart! Holiday MADE! This shopping village also hosted a Coles and other specialty stores which were great for grabbing those bits and pieces we needed to cook dinners each night.

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