Brownhill Creek Tourist Park, SA

When Chris and I first sat down and said ‘Lets travel Australia!’, the place we most wanted to visit was Adelaide. We have never been to Adelaide but traveled much of the world so we thought it was only fair that we saw some parts of Australia that we had never seen before. To travel to Adelaide as a family with our babies was something we have been looking forward to for months!

We drove down a quiet, picturesque road to our caravan park, Brownhill Creek Caravan Park and were greeted by Al the Alpacca, one the parks pets, with the other being Pete the Peacock.

This tourist park is located only 7 kms from the city which was essential when looking for parks in the area. Well located tourist parks are sometimes difficult to find but are so great when you do as they allow you to drive in and explore whenever you have a few hours to yourself. This park has ensuite sites right by the river, a great outdoor play ground for kids with a BBQ area that overlooks the play area. Perfect for supervision.

It also has an indoor TV room, cute camp kitchen, tennis court, pool area and gorgeous tables by the creek for dining. We took this opportunity to have dinner below our caravan site right by the creek. The water running of a morning was both calming and relaxing and of course a great attraction for the kids. I could only keep my 3 yr old boy clean for so long!!

Things to do in beautiful Adelaide;

     Adelaide Goal                                                                                                                                Admission; Adults $14.50, Children $9                                                                                         Opening Times; 10am – 4pm – 7 days a week

We visited Adelaide Goal as Cooper is forever asking Daddy after work, which bad guy he put in jail today? We thought this would be the perfect opportunity to show him exactly where the bad guys go.

Adelaide Gaol is one of the oldest remaining colonial public buildings in Adelaide and is the site of some of the State’s more interesting, grisly past. Adelaide Gaol had 45 hangings; 7 outside the front door, 13 in the north-west lane area, 21 in the new building and 4 in the Hanging Tower, all of which you can walk through and view the still remaining hanging beam and trapdoor.


Hahndorf is classified as Australia’s oldest surviving German settlement. Its approx 30 minutes out of Adelaide city and is very popular for the young and old who enjoy it for its charm and great hospitality.

Driving through the main street two shops instantly stood out to me. Chocolate and fudge! My diet (if I could) in two words. Both shops were gorgeous and a must see for chocolate and sweets lovers like me.

However, Chris had his eye on a different business. A German pub called the German Arms. They sell beer in 250ml, 500ml, 1 litre and 1.6 litre glasses. Of course; being Chris’s birthday he opted for the 1 litre choice ($26) and loved every drop. There is also another great pub called the Hahndorf Inn. Both had a great atmosphere and sold traditional German Food and Beers, as well as other food that Aussie’s have grown accustom to.

Adelaide Central Market

Adelaide Central Market is the largest undercover fresh produce market we have ever visited! Its buzzing with life and colour plus hosting late night shopping on Friday nights made it perfect for our weekend!

With over 70 traders under one roof and musicians playing in the lanes the kids enjoyed it all.

War Memorial

The Adelaide War Memorial is a monument on the north edge of the city center which commemorates those who served in WW1. It’s an easy walk from the public parking station ($4.60 an hr) and can easily be viewed well on foot. We have learnt so much about Australian history and the world wars on our trip around Australia and continue to enjoy extending our knowledge as we go.

Adelaide Oval

Adelaide Oval has hosted both cricket and football at the highest level and is a major attraction in Adelaide. The sheer size of this beautiful field simply blew us away. Unlike many other ovals we have visited that are under lock and key, you are free to walk in and explore until your heart is content. Chris and Cooper were in their element and ended up leaving Chloe and I behind to fend for ourselves as they went off exploring. This oval has rooftop climbs, oval tours and what attracted us to it, The Donald Bradman Collection.

The memorabilia is on loan from the State Library of South Australia and is all from Sir Donald Bradman, the greatest batsman in the history of cricket. Following this, Chris and Cooper walked to the rooftop for a birds eye view and were overwhelmed with the height at which the grand stands in the stadium stood. Coming from our town of Newcastle, with a stadium that holds approximately 30,000 people, walking through the Adelaide Oval, an oval which holds about double that, in real life was an experience we will all never forget.

Where should we head to next?!?!


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