Lakeview Caravan Park, Broken Hill

We made a couple of stops before Broken Hill to break up the drive for Chloe & Cooper. Nyngan, hosting the Big Bogan and Cobar, a metals and gold mining town in NSW.

Arriving in Broken Hill, not only were we welcomed by the friendly staff at Lakeview Caravan Park but we also scored an extra half an hour of our time back, thanks to the time difference that Broken Hill shares from the rest of NSW.


We had a great site down near the camp kitchen and although it was a bit too cold to take a dip, the pool looked very inviting.

Lakeview was very close to the Broken Hill CBD and one of the towns biggest attractions, The Park Bench, which provided not only a great photo opportunity for our family but also allowed us to take in the amazing view which overlooks the entire town of Broken Hill from this location.


As we are trying to cover a large distance and see as much of the outback as possible in a such a short time, we were only able to stay the one night at this great park, so we are off already….back to having lunch on the road.


Next stop, South Australia.


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