Oasis Caravan Park Coober Pedy, SA

We drove into the Opal capital of world, Coober Pedy and instantly fell in love with the small town.


We stayed at the Oasis Caravan Park on an en-suite site and once set up, quickly set off on a guided tour of the town hosted by the friendly Oasis staff.

The park hosts both day and night tours & takes guests to where they shot the movies; Priscilla, Pitch Black and Mad Max. The day tour shows an incredibly dry golf course that I’m sure my dad would love to still hit off on, underground churches and homes, an underground cinema and opal mines with shafts as deep as 30 metres into the sandstone ground.

The caravan park has an indoor pool, games room which the kids loved and a noodling pit where the kids can fossick for their own opals.

Coober Pedy is an incredibly dry and warm town and was amazing for the kids to see how privileged their life is! We have ample water which is something so scarce out here!

Onto our next adventure, Erldunda!




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