Erldunda Roadhouse, Northern Territory

We drove into the Northern Territory today and stopped off for the obligatory ‘border’ photo! Chris and I were super excited for this one as we could explain first hand what we mean by ‘crossing borders’ to the kids!

We stayed at the Erldunda Roadhouse and isn’t it a little oasis in the desert!!

With green grass (which is very hard to come by in the NT) and huge drive through sites, Chris was in heaven. The play areas, tennis courts and pool had the  kids not wanting to leave either!

Here at Erldunda Roadhouse, there are opportunities to feed Emus, Camels, Kangaroos and the famous Rooster that thinks it’s a kangaroo. You can also watch the gorgeous sun sets from a purpose built viewing station within the caravan park.

We enjoyed a bonfire by night, wifi by day and soaked up the gorgeous rays thinking of the cold winter we have left behind in Newcastle.


As we hit the road again this morning heading for Uluru, Erldunda Roadhouse is the one we are most looking forward to returning too in a couple of days!!


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