Uluru and The Olga’s, NT

It’s official, I love the Northern Territory  and all it has to offer! We are planning our return as soon as possible.


From Erldunda, we drove to two natural wonders of the world, Uluru & then the Kata Tjuta ( previously known as the Olgas). They are approx 55klms apart and both can seen/walked the same day. Whenever people have mentioned how beautiful they both are, I never really understood. My eyes were completely opened. The sheer size and beauty of Uluru had me saying OMG multiple times driving into the National Park.

To access the National Park you will need to purchase a National Park pass for approximately $25 a head (kids under 4 are free) prior to driving in. The pass can be purchased online before you arrive as we found the line up at the gate was enormous and delayed a visit, especially if wanting to see a sunrise or sunset.

We were lucky enough to be able to climb the rock and then ride tandem bikes around the rock which is breathtaking & so enjoyable.

Bikes are $50 each plus $25 for a tag along or $20 for a baby seat and they allow up to 3 hrs for the bike ride. It’s approx 10kms around (but about 15km total when you do the bike pick up and drop off) and is all flat. You can also walk free of charge if you would prefer however allow for a lot longer.

We completely understand and respect the significance and history of this beauty to the Yankunytjatjara people and seeing it in person is something we will all remember for the rest of our lives. 

A short drive from Uluru are the Olga’s or Ogres from Shrek as my kids put it & again, this is a beautiful natural wonder which you should experience if you have the opportunity. We walked to the gorge which was kid friendly and we all enjoyed every second of our visit.

This visit has been priceless to all of us but especially Chloe and Cooper. We could never put into words what we experienced this week and are so grateful that we had the opportunity to come and see it in the flesh.   


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