Discovery Park, Cloncurry QLD

Moving further east we set off to the Discovery Park in Cloncurry QLD.

Cloncurry is known as the Friendly Heart of the Great North West and celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2017. Cloncurry was recognised for its liveability, winning the Queensland’s Friendliest Town award twice by environmental movement Keep Queensland Beautiful, first in 2013 and again in 2018.

Cloncurry is 121km East of Mt Isa and as of the 2016 Census had a recorded population of over 2700 people.

Before we had even driven into the park itself we felt a sigh of comfort as if we had just arrived home. I don’t think we’ve unhitched quicker before as we could hardly wait to go and use everything this beautiful park has to offer! 

Our site was large and right across from a camp kitchen and very close to the laundry, pool and amenities block. Seeing we were only staying for one night, we didn’t unpack fully which allowed Coops and daddy plenty of time to kick a ball around the large site. They loved having the extra room.


There are many activities for not only the kids but also the adults at this park. We were unfortunate to only have one night available to stay here due to our busy plan and would have LOVED to stay longer and experience all the great activities to a greater level however, the kids made the most of the day jumping straight into it and creating memories that will definitely leave them wanting more.

This park offered FREE washing machines (including laundry powder) and dryers & I’m not joking when I say, I want to move into the laundry permanently! I love love love washing and even more so on the road when washing becomes more difficult to do. I set straight off for the washing machines whilst the kids went to the recreation room for a game of friendly pool.

It also had Chris with hearts in his eyes when he saw the awesome Gym this park has to offer. Chris is a daily trainer, however this has been near impossible on this trip and this is only the second park we have stayed at in a month that has had a gym. To say Chris was exstatic was an understatement.

The kids were stoked with the pool, the whiteboards in the recreation room and the fire pit which they had at the ready for the evening.

The amenities and camp kitchens were large and super clean. The style of the amenities were amazing and funky with cute timber and corrogated iron features that really made these rooms memorable.

Lastly & probably my favourite feature of this park was the HUGE hall that hosts dinners of an evening. We took our tribe up for an ‘ALL YOU CAN EAT’ buffet in the hall and the food was incredible!! I mean, my cooking is getting better but with food on offer like this, I have a LONGGGG way to go!

This stop off was amazing and definitely one of our favourites for this trip. We loved every part of it and we highly recommend this park to anyone. It was certainly one that we won’t forget in a long time!!!

Next stop is Winton QLD, and all things Dinosaurs….I cant tell if Chris or Cooper is more excited for this one!!!


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