Welcome to Kim & Chris

Chris and Kim were introduced to a national audience as contestants on the 2016’s series of The Block as the Blue team. Chris and Kim were known as the Go-Getters from Newcastle that are friendly, honest and super competitive in everything they do.

Kim and Chris met at the Tamworth Country Music festival 10 years ago and were married in 2012. They have two amazing children together, Chloe (5 years) & Cooper (3 years).

Chris has been a Police Officer for the past 15 years working on the Central Coast for 6 and in Newcastle for the past 9. He has worked in general duties, bicycle patrol, riot police, TAG unit, Drug unit, Anti theft unit and the Detectives (for the past 9 years) and also has a Bachelor of Policing (Investigations).

Kim graduated with honours from Newcastle University in 2007 with a double degree in teaching. She is currently an Assistant Principal at a Lake Macquarie school and has a huge interest in sports.

Chris and Kim applied for The Block for the first time in March 2016. Eight weeks later after a vigorous selection process; they were lucky enough to be one of five teams selected. It was the most challenging experience of their lives, mainly being away from their young babies. It was a once in a life time experience and one that they loved!!

During their time on The Block they proved very early that they were a force to be reckoned with winning the first 48 hr Pod challenge and hearing it was the ‘best challenge room to date’.


Other highlights of their time on The Block included having the “most glamorous bedroom ever produced in all seasons of the Block’.

Kim and Chris are currently working on a Channel 9 series; ‘Location, Lifestyle, Living’ which you can watch full episodes back on 9now or for Staging Tips segments, click here.

LLL cover photo

Chris and Kim have also been working in and around Newcastle with events for Tile Power, The Paint Place, and are working very closely with a few charities including the Cancer Council.

As soon as Chris and Kim find have 2 days off they try to get away in their caravan with their 2 young children, Chloe and Cooper. They write reviews on caravan parks  as they have found in the past that websites ‘all look the same, similar in price or unsure if the photos actually give an accurate description of the park’. They hope that their reviews will help give an accurate description on their facilities available.

Lets travel with Kim and Chris as they visit caravan parks around Australia and read pros and cons of the parks. They will discuss if they are suited to families with young children, teenagers or appeal to adult, couples only.

Welcome to the Adventures of Kim and Chris.

See you on the road!